StreamGuard DRM

Product Introduction

Sumavision DRM is an innovative media security control system developed by Sumavision company, which can provide efficient and flexible security using control for various types of multimedia resources (e.g. video, audio, picture), in different types of network TV (e.g. OTT/VOD, IPTV). Thus this system can effectively protect the interests of copyright holders (e.g. authors, content providers, business operators).
DRM system includes service server, encryption server, database server and proxy server based on the number of customers. It adopts industry leading CSA and AES-128 algorithm for content encryption. Besides, as part of its enhanced security mechanism, live program's secret key refreshes every 10 seconds, each VOD program has unique key and all secret keys are protected by PKI system.
Based on above part, customer can enjoy rich multimedia resources, meanwhile, contents can be switched among different network under the protection of DRM.


• Support single device / domain authorization management.
• Support flexible authorization modes, including pay per time, pay per view, and pay per month; support free preview, pre-authorization.
• System supports Gigabit TS input / output over IP.
• Excellent multiplexer and unicast & multicast IP Gateway.
• Support operation of fast forward, rewind, drag and resume.
• Authentication, Service authorization, Accounting management.
• Service & Content management with customization.